Telephone Plant Sale, Wednesday and Thursday, 13th and 14th May

Telephone Plant Sale, Wednesday and Thursday, 13th and 14th May

We are now offering plants grown for our plant sales, including the Giant Plant Sale, to both members and the public. There will be a series of these sales over the next few weeks. This week we have annuals, perennials, Pelargoniums, shrubs, herbs and vegetables. Produce being planted outdoors will need to hardened off first, as it has been grown under glass. Please Google details of varieties, if needed.

Orders will be taken by telephone only between 9:00am and 5:00pm on Wednesday and Thursday, 13th and 14th May, so please be patient.
Please contact Linda on 241460.

Please have your address, telephone contact and email details to hand at the time of order. Plant Heritage Guernsey members will collate your order and arrange delivery next week.

Annual plants
Ammi visnaga ‘White’ (11cm pot)24£2.50
Antirhinums – Magic Carpet Mix. 6pk20£3.00
Brachycombe 6pk16£3.00
Cosmos – Peppermint Rock 6pk11£3.00
Cosmos – Gazebo red 6pk10£3.00
Cosmos – Versailles mixed 6pk17£3.00
Cosmos – Fizzy Pink 6pk12£3.00
Cosmos Ladybird mixed 6pk8£3.00
Cosmos – Psyche White 6pk11£3.00
Cosmos – Sea Shells Mixed 6pk6£3.00
Heliotropes 6pk7£3.00
Nemesia ‘Blue Gem’ (11cm pot)20£2.50
Pansies – Ullswater Blue 6pk10£3.00
Phlox drummondii – cherry caramel18£3.00
Perennial plants
Aeonium ‘Handsworth Variegata’4£4.00
Aquilegia ‘William Guinness’5£3.00
Cotyledon ‘Orbigulata’8£4.00
Echium Pinnianna (blue)4£2.00
Geranium ‘Hazel’ (climbing) – pink4£4.00
Geranium (coral red)13£1.50
Geranium Madarense – purple3£2.50
Hippeastrum (red)10£5.00
Iris Siberica ‘Pacific Blue’ – just finishing flowering4£5.00
Libertia Grandiflora5£4.00
Lobelia ‘Pillar box red’20£2.50
Lupins (pink and white – Le Chatelaine)2£4.00
Lupins – Russell mixed17£3.50
Melianthus major8£3.00
Miniature patio rose (pink)2£5.00
Persicara ‘Red Dragon’3£3.00
Period Clematis ‘Belle of Woking’1£15.00
Phystostegia (obedient plant)
as seen at prison garden last year!
Plectranthus argentea (large)2£5.00
Plectranthus ‘Mona Lavender’2£3.00
Rudebeckia – Gloriosa31£2.00
Rudebeckia – Marmalade50£2.00
Salvia argentea4£3.00
Tiger Lilies7£3.00

Pelargoniums (mature plants)
Belinda Adams 3£2.00
Highfield Apple Blossom1£2.00
Millfield Rose2£2.00
Mrs Lillicrop’s Rosebud red2£2.00
Phyllis Richardson2£2.00
Coral-Pink SCENTED (variety unknown)1£2.00
Turkish coffee1£2.00

Euphorbia mellifera4£3.00
Hebe x franciscana ‘Variegata’1£5.00
Laurus nobilis (2ft)1£10.00
Myrtus communis (myrtle)1£5.00
Basil (Sweet Genovese)16£1.00
Coriander, Thai5£1.00
Mint (small)15£1.00
Parsley, Curly40£1.50
Parsley, Flat leaf (Gigante di Napoli)20£1.50
Sage 24£1.50
Sorrel, Red-veined13£1.50
Aubergine (Moneymaker) 1£3.00
Beetroot (Boltardy)6£2.50
Chilli – (Hungarian Hot Wax – indoor)3£3.00
Cucumber, Indoor (Burpless Tasty Green)6£3.50
Gem Lettuce 6pk4£2.50
Pepper (Pimento padron – indoor)2£3.00
Purple sprouting broccoli, early4£2.50
Spinach (Corvette F1) 6pk5£2.50
Spinach, perpetual (spinach beet) 6pk2£2.50
Sweet corn 6pk (Bodacious)11£2.50
Sweet Pepper (Marconi Rosso – indoor)7£3.00
Sweet Pepper (Corno di Toro – indoor)2£3.00
Tomato (Moneymaker- indoor/outdoor)20£2.00
Tomato (Red Cherry)15£2.50
Winter squash, Hunter6£2.00

Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or cheque:
Bank transfer:
Plant Heritage
Account: 13414283
Sort code: 60-09-20

Made out to ‘Plant Heritage Guernsey’ and posted to:
Mrs M. Thompson, Les Rouvets, Les Rouvets Road, Vale, GY6 8NQ