Special plants sale, Tuesday, 26th May

Special plants sale, Tuesday, 26th May

We are now offering plants grown for our plant sales, including the Giant Plant Sale, to both members and the public. This week we have perennials, (including Echiums and Salvias) and shrubs, mainly propagated by Tattie Thompson and so often unusual and special plants. Please Google details of varieties, if needed.

Orders will be taken by telephone only between 8:30am and 5:00pm on Tuesday, 26th May, so please contact Tattie on 239444. If possible orders should be collected from Forest Lodge, Rue des Monts, Forest GY8 OBB at a time to be agreed, during the following couple of days. Don’t forget to bring boxes. If it is not possible to collect, we will try to deliver.

Directions: At Le Chene traffic lights (by Le Chene Hotel) on the Forest Road from St Peter Port to the airport, turn left. Just after the first corner, Forest Lodge is the first house on the right. There will be a Plant Heritage sign at the entrance and you can drive in.

Please have your address, telephone contact and email details to hand at the time.

Make a note that we will be selling clematis early in the week beginning Monday, 1st June.

Aeonium Simsii purple – big (succulent)7£5.00
Aeonium red edge (succulent)4£4.00
Aeonium ‘Poldark’, purple (succulent)4£4.00
Alstromeria ‘Indian Summer’, large pot1£10
Anamatheca ‘Joan Evans’ with bulbs (white/red eye)5£3.00
Arctotis ‘Hannah’ -red2£3.00
Arthropodium Candicans – bronze leaves 4£4.00
Astelia Chatamica – silver leaves4£4.00
Dahlia, single pink (spidery)4£3.50
Dahlia, single red (spidery)3£3.50
Eryngium Bourgatti – for hot, dry site4£2.00
Euphorbia purpurea8£3.00
Farfugium argentea3£4.00
Fragaria ‘ruby’4£2.00
Geranium ‘Bill Walllis’2£2.50
Geranium ‘Prince Hal’, bush or wall3£4.00
Geranium ‘Hazel’ – pink climbing4£4.00
Helichrysum petiolare – silver foliage4£2.50
Hemerocallis -yellow3£4.00
Lathyrus ‘ White Pearl’ -climbing 2£3.00
Luzula aurea (short yellow grass, clump forming)7£2.50
Lobelia ‘Pillar Box Red’7£2.50
Mellianthus major6£3.00
Ophiopogon nigrescens (short, black grass) 7£2.50
Osteospermum – damson5£3.00
Physostegia (obedient plant) -white7£2.50
Plectranthus argentea6£2.00
Scabious Kudos – mauve 5£3.00
Scabious Kudos – white 5£3.00
Verbena ‘Seabrooks Lavender’ 5£4.00
Unusual Echiums
Echium Pink Fountain 10£3.00
Echium Snow Tower15£3.00
Echium Candy Floss (white, multi stem perennial) 10£4.00
Salvias – there will be more and some different ones at a later date
Salvia confertiflora – red for a wall4£4.00
Salvia Royal Bumble – gorgeous red14£4.00
Salvia ‘Tubular Bells’ – deep pink 6£4.00
Salvia ‘African Sky’ – blue 5£4.00
Salvia ‘Rosie’s blue’7£4.00
Salvia ‘Clotted Cream’ 8£4.00
Salvia ‘ Lemon Pie’ 2£4.00
Salvia Hot Lips – red & white 3£4.00
Abutilon – large
– medium
Contact Tattie on these – various colours
Anisodontea Magenta2£5.00
Cestrum Newellii – Red wall shrub2£5.00
Cestrum Parquii – Pale yellow3£4.00
Fuchsia Thymifolia3£5.00
Fuchsia Arborescens1£5.00
Hebe ‘Dark Angel’ 2£5.00
Iokroma Australe, blue bell-like flowers 9£5.00
Lavatera Marítima- Bi-color pink5£5.00
Leonotis (more later) 1£5.00
Phlomis Italica 4£3.50

Cosmos – Peppermint Rock 6pk8£3.00
Cosmos -Versailles mixed 6Pk10£3.00
Rudebeckia – Gloriosa10£2.00
Climbing french beans 6pk5£2.50

Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or cheque:
Bank transfer:
Plant Heritage
Account: 13414283
Sort code: 60-09-20

Made out to ‘Plant Heritage Guernsey’ and posted to:
Mrs M. Thompson, Les Rouvets, Les Rouvets Road, Vale, GY6 8NQ