National Collections

The Channel Islands National Collections Co-ordinator is Jennifer Seth-Smith, a committee member of the Guernsey group.

There are three National Collections in the Channel Islands.  There is a further collection of Jovibarba, which Peter Bastion had been looking after in Jersey.  These Jovibarba have been brought over to Guernsey and have been cleaned and re-potted by Chris Chatfield. He usually has some available for sale and it is hoped that with time, they will regain their National Collection status.


Alnus Jersey trees for life

Cordyline australis Fauvic Nurseries Ltd.


The Guernsey collection of Nerines was recognised as a National Collection in December 2017.  The report in the Guernsey Press can be downloaded below.

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Lychnis coronaria is a superb plant for a sunny border. This one has bright magenta flowers, but it can also be found in white.

You can tell that the Chestnut tree in Uplands Road is in full flower by the sound of the bees. If you are in Italy this summer look for the honey which is dark and not too sweet.

Dierama pulcherrimum have the wonderfully descriptive name of angel's fishing rods and add to the height of your garden.

Feverfew, which is also known as wild Camomile or more strictly, Tanacetum parthenium, makes quite a statement and the flowers last well.

These Passiflora are growing in a member’s glasshouse. The passion fruit we find in our supermarkets are produced by the tropical edible species Passiflora edulis.

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many people at the Charities Fete on Sunday. Here is the Guernsey Press photo from the event.