Final telephone Plant Sale, Thursday and Friday, 4th and 5th June

Final telephone Plant Sale, Thursday and Friday, 4th and 5th June

This is our final sale of plants grown for the Giant Plant Sale. This week we have annuals, perennials, shrubs, herbs and vegetables, including tomatoes. Produce being planted outdoors will need to hardened off first, as it has been grown under glass. Please Google details of varieties, if needed.

Orders will be taken by telephone only between 9:00am and 5:00pm on Thursday and Friday, 4th and 5th June, so please be patient.
Please contact Linda on 241460.

Plants can be collected from the PHG glasshouse towards the back of Guernsey Gardens, La Ramee, St Peter Port GY1 2TW. Linda will arrange a time on Monday, 8th June and Tuesday morning, 9th June. Please bring a suitable container for your plants.

Amaranthus, each8£1.50
Ammi visnaga ‘White’ each3£2.50
Antirhinums -Magic Carpet Mix. 6pk7£3.00
Brachycombe 6pk8£3.00
Erysimum cheiri ‘Blood Red Covent Garden’
(biennial), each
Heliotropes 6pk
(known as the ‘cherry-pie plant, due to smell)
Nemesia ‘Blue Gem’ (11cm pot)12£2.50

Cosmos – annuals
Cosmos – Cupcakes mixed. 6pk12£3.00
Cosmos – Fizzy Pink. 6pk8£3.00
Cosmos – Gazebo red. 6pk2£3.00
Cosmos – Ladybird mixed. 6pk2£3.00
Cosmos – Peppermint Rock. 6pk1£3.00
Cosmos – Versailles mixed. 6pk2£3.00
Agapanthus- Blue (probably pale) medium pot8£5.00
Agapanthus – Dark blue, large1£8.00
Agapanthus – Dark blue, medium23£5.00
Agapanthus – Dark blue, small6£3.00
Alstromeria – coral pink/red, large pot2£10.00
Anemone hup. Pumilla1£4.00
Argyranthemum Frutescens7£2.50
Cayeux iris -‘Heure Bleu’8£7.50
Cayeux iris -‘Skating party’5£7.50
Crinum lily (colour not known), large1£5.00
Crinum lily (colour not known), medium2£3.50
Crinum x powelli ‘Album’ (young plants)8£2.00
Crocosmia ‘George Davidson’ (yellow)5£6.00
Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’5£4.00
Duchesnea Indica1£3.50
Echium Pinnianna (blue)12£2.00
Erysimum ‘Red Jep’, each10£3.00
Eucomis (pineapple plant)4£5.00
Geranium (coral red.) 11cm pot9£1.50
Hedychium gardenerium (1 Litre pots)15£8.00
Helleborus foetidus, large1£5.00
Helleborus foetidus, medium3£4.00
Hemerocallis – dusky pink colour, large19£5.00
Hemerocallis – dusky pink colour2£3.00
Hemerocallis – dark red, large1£5.00
Impatiens sodenii3£5.00
Libertia Grandiflora1£4.00
Lobelia ‘Pillar box red’11£2.50
Melianthus major4£3.00
Nepeta – variegated, trailing7£3.50
Plectranthus ‘Mona Lavender’4£3.00
Rudebeckia – Gloriosa, 3 in a pot5£5.00
Rudebeckia – Marmalade26£2.00
Salvia Forskalei5£4.00
Tellima grandiflora4£4.00
Tiger Lilies2£3.00
Tricyrtis hirta (good for dry shade!) – large pots9£5.00
Tritonia rosea1£3.00
Shrubs, climbers and trees
Bay (Laurel)1£2.50
Clematis (Raymond Evison) Yuan
Open rose-pink, maturing to pale pink.
Compact, ht 100cm or less
Fig tree (Brown Turkey)1£10.00
Fuchsia excorticata (Giant tree fuchsia), large11£8.00
Fuchsia excorticata (Giant tree fuchsia), medium7£5.00
Fuchsia excorticata (Giant tree fuchsia), small1£3.00
Hydrangea (pink)1£4.00
Iocroma australis4£3.00
Solanum (white, climber)1£3.50
Solanum rantonnetii1£3.50
Taxus (yew)2£3.50
Basil ‘Sweet Genovese’12£1.50
Mint, small3£1.00
Curly parsley14£1.50
Flat leaf parsley (Gigante di Napoli)13£1.50
Italian parsley9
Red-veined Sorrel3£1.50
Beetroot (Boltardy)2£2.50
Courgette – yellow19£2.00
Courgette – green18£2.00
Indoor/Outdoor cucumber (La Diva)1£3.00
Indoor/Outdoor cucumber (Marketmore)9£2.00
Indoor cucumber ‘Burpless Tasty Green’2£3.00
Chilli ‘Hungarian Hot Wax’ – indoor1£3.00
Sweet Pepper ‘Marconi Rosso’- indoor6£3.00
Pepper ‘Pimento Padron’ – indoor1£3.00
Leeks 6 pk12£2.50
Peas 6 pk5£2.50
Salad leaves (cut and come again) 6 pk4£2.50
Butternut squash17£2.00
Hunter Winter squash1£2.00
Belle F1 (beefsteak)4£1.50
Black Cherry6£1.50
Black Russian (black beefsteak)3£2.00
Gardeners delight – red cherry17£1.50
Orange Paruche (Orange cherry)7£1.50
San Marzano (plum tomato)2£1.50
Tomato (Moneymaker- indoor/outdoor)22£1.50
Black climbing beans 6 pk5£2.50
Dwarf French bean (Red Swan) 6pk10£2.50
Runner bean (Celebration) 6 pk9£2.50

Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or cheque:
Bank transfer:
Plant Heritage
Account: 13414283
Sort code: 60-09-20

Made out to ‘Plant Heritage Guernsey’ and posted to:
Mrs M. Thompson, Les Rouvets, Les Rouvets Road, Vale, GY6 8NQ